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Born October 22, 1955 at St. Mary's Hospital in Hoboken, New Jersey,  at 5:27 P.M.   I grew up  in Jersey City, New Jersey

I lived in Jersey City, New Jersey.  most of my life, but as a kid my father took my oldest brother and sister and myself and we moved to California.  We lived in Glendale, Bell, North Hollywood.  I lived there from the time I was about 5 till about 12-13 years old and then my dad and I drove from California to New Jersey.

When I turned 18, and then joined the U.S. Army went to boot camp in Fort Dix, NJ, once completed I was station in Germany. I was under the command of the 41st Transportation Company, 3rd Support command.  I went there are a company clerk, and was later transferred to the motor pool where I eventually got a secondary job as a mechanic working on trucks.  I was station in Manheim Germany from 1974 - 1976.

Served my time honorably I was discharged, and 8 months later joined the U.S. Navy,  Ws station in San Diego for training for a short time to lean the ways of the U.S. Navy.  I was later stationed  with NMCB 4 (Naval Mobile Construction Battalion).  My first assignment with them was working on the pier team in Diego Garcia BIOT.  I was working as a personelmen .  I left there and served on 2 ships.  First the U.S.S. Fulton AS-11 and then U.S.S. Simon Lake AS-33 both have since been decommissioned.

Getting discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1982, I then moved to Texas for a year and then moved to Windsor Locks, Connecticut, lived there for 10 years and 2 kids later and moved back to Texas, I have been here since 1988.  I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas

My hobbies are computer, and web building, and Genealogy.  If you are interested in seeing my family history, feel free to click on the link below  and it will take you to my Genealogy page.  I build web pages as a hobby but I would eventually like to do it professionally. 

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I am currently working for Computer Sciences Corporation and one of our major clients is Lockheed Martin Corporation Fort Worth facility  I work onsite at the plant, I love it at the plant get to see all the planes built and sometimes when there is a show going on we can go out to the flight line and get a sneak preview while they practice.  

I have been a Computer Technician for most of my life.  I really love my job, I am currently Configuration Manager,  and while working with CSC I have been asked to travel around to other clients and put into place CSC process and procedures pertaining to the Desktop environment.  I have been to Norwich, CT, Moline, IL, Willington, DE, Raleigh/ Durham, NC, San Diego CA, New York City, NY and Princeton, NJ.

I am also on the Board of Directors, for the National Management Association CSC Chapter.  I am also the back up for Community Relations.


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MY Family
This is my family.  That is me in the middle and on your left is my daughter Kimberly who is 16, and on your right is my daughter Elizabeth who is 17.