Ships History

The first four ships of the name honor Benjamin Franklin; CV-13 perpetuates the names of these ships, but during the 1940’s aircraft carries were named after battles and not named after historical figures. The USS. Franklin was once of them. The Franklin was named for the 1864 Civil War Battle of Franklin

The first Franklin was a 6-gun schooner, under the command of Commodore John Manly in 1775, participating in the capture of many British vessels and returned to the owner in 1776.
The second Franklin was a 8-gun brig built in 1795, captured by corsairs from Tripoli in 1802, bought back by the Navy in 1805, and sold in 1807.
The third Franklin was a 74-gun ship of the line launched in 1815 and broken up in 1852.
The fourth Franklin was a screw frigate launched in 1864 and in active service until 1877, thereafter used as a receiving ship until 1915.

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